Streamline Social Media Management

To build and manage a sleek, engaging, and effective social media presence, government agencies must cover every base–from planning and creation to moderation and archival.

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Capture & Collaborate on Content Creation

Firsthand content allows you to inform, connect with, and engage your community, but you can’t possibly be everywhere at once. Social Assurance for Government is user-friendly technology that eases what can feel like a burden, allowing teams to invite unlimited users–including communications teams, interns, field teams, community-facing personnel–to capture content in a secure and moderated platform that makes collaboration easy.

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Moderate & Manage Social Media Content

Government agencies have unique communication needs, challenges, and opportunities that require robust moderation tools. With Social Assurance for Government, agencies connect all social media accounts, then specify user roles and access permissions. This allows in-field and on-site staff to capture moments and information and submit them to communications teams. The result is the ability to capture key moments and tell the stories that surround them. At the same time, content moderators remain in control of approvals and publishing. User roles are easy to customize and modify at every level to ensure secure access and save everyone time.

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Publish with Ease

Plan and schedule content across channels and publish with ease via direct integrations with all major social media platforms–Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media communications can also feed back to your website, keeping communications and information timely and consistent.

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Automatic, Unlimited Archival & Reporting

Social media posts and comments are considered public record in all 50 states. That means governments must abide by state and federal public records laws and regulations. This can be intimidating and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Social Assurance for Government combines social media content creation and records management in compliance with your state and local open records requirements. Unlimited archival ensures you’re always ready for a request and don’t have to worry when one comes.

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