Social Media Content Moderation, Approvals & Publishing

Managing the flow of communications and messaging across multiple areas, priorities, and teams can be difficult. The right technology provides a user-friendly interface that streamlines every step while keeping things secure.

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Connect All Your Accounts

Connect all your Social Media accounts to the Social Assurance for Government platform, making it easy to manage posts and messaging across all channels in one place. This also allows for simple, secure, and controlled access to your social media. 

Add Unlimited Users

Add as many users as you need–including field workers, assistants, moderators, and information teams. You’ll never pay a premium for additional users or user types; this allows you to unify your team and streamline processes. 

Save Time & Mitigate Risk

The right social media management tool allows your teams capture great content, secure social channels, and centralize systems and processes for everyone. The result? Tons of time savings and minimized risk. 

Ready to streamline your content moderation, approvals, and publishing into a simple and effective workflow?

Manage User Access & Roles

As you add users, ensure they have appropriate access permissions to submit content, draft and edit posts, approve submitted posts, and publish them. Secure access also provides control over commenting moderation, pre-approved responses, and other channel moderation functions.

Mobile-Friendly Content Workflows

Take advantage of a super sleek mobile interface that keeps everyone contributing, collaborating, and approving wherever they are. Set mobile notifications to review content as it comes in, approving on the fly and staying on top of all social media comments and engagement.