Unify Messaging & Branding Across Social Media

Maintaining oversight over multiple channels and users can be a substantial challenge, resulting in inconsistent styles, imagery, and messaging around important topics and timely information. Unify everything from brand styles to timing and messaging with workflow tools, centralized access, and seamless oversight.

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Planning Tools for Unified Messaging & Visuals

Plan, track, schedule, and manage social media content in one place. Source imagery and content from multiple members of your team and people across your organization or community. Keep everything in order with calendar views that show you exactly what’s slated to go out and when.

Built-In Review Workflows

Creators draft content, then submit it to a moderation step where users with proper permissions can review, make edits, and approve or deny posts. Approved content then publishes and archives automatically based on the scheduled date and time.

Easy-to-Manage Feedback on Posts

When content needs internal collaboration and revisions, users can communicate feedback through internal notes and messages attached to each post–reducing emails and messages and keeping pertinent information attached to the content it pertains to.

Publish Directly to Social Media

Approved content publishes directly to the specified social media channel or channels, saving time and keeping content flowing. At the same time, all content is automatically archived, so you don’t have to worry about manual documentation and record-keeping.

Ready to unify and evolve your organization’s brand and messaging once and for all? 

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