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10 Summer Social Media Content Ideas for Governments

By May 28, 20235 min read

Summer is just around the corner. If you’re struggling to keep your social media channels fresh with fun content–fear not! Social Assurance is here to help cities, municipalities, bureaus, and departments keep things interesting and engaging all summer long. Here are 10 social media content ideas to simmer on this summer.

1. Summer Events

What’s on your summer events calendar? Be sure to start there when planning social media posts. Pro tip: If you’re holding an event (such as a social, community fundraiser, or annual celebration) be sure to create events on Facebook and LinkedIn–then share the event on your pages so people like, share, and RSVP.

2. Pet Photo Contest

Is there anything better than pets frolicking into the summer months? From puppy kiddie pools to porch kittens, summer is the time for pet photos to shine. Plus, contests and giveaways are a great way to engage your audience (and you get tons of compulsively likable and shareable content).

3. Employee Spotlights

Your people make all the difference–and sharing their stories with your community is a great way to humanize your organization and build trust. Have a brief, informal interview with a handful of employees to get some quotes. Ask some fun questions and post in a Q&A-style format, or simply share a quote about their most memorable experience or perhaps the most satisfying or fulfilling thing about their role.

4. Behind the Scenes

Speaking of sharing about your people, behind the scenes content is social media gold! Think about things that might make great video content, like project and construction time lapse footage, career day visits to schools, and volunteer work. These can make for fun reels when you add trending audio or edit the speed of the video.

CPS Energy (San Antonio, Texas), the nation’s largest municipally owned energy utility providing both natural gas and electric service highlights it line workers at the top of a power line.

5. Summer Reading or Watch Lists

What’s on your reading list this summer? Consider surveying your employees and asking what they’re reading or watching currently. Or post a poll or survey that asks your audience to share their recommendations. Share your findings to get people involved.

6. Fun Facts & Throwbacks

Fun facts are an easy way to spotlight your organization’s history, service work, impact, or focus. Fun facts can be an interesting and engaging way to show impact and longevity without outright saying your organization is a trusted entity that has long-served it’s community. Dig into the vault for some old photos of staff, long-time friends of the community, and organizations your serve. This content is fun and engaging, but it also speaks to the longevity of your organization and its role in the community.

7. Sunsets & Views

Summer is the time for pink skies and green gardens. Be sure to snap a few photos when the backdrop behind your office location, a key landmark, or another physical site. These photos have the added benefit of showing off your literal presence in the local community.

8. Spotlight Videos

Spotlight videos are a great way to tap into the personality of your staff and the experiences they’ve had serving people across your community. Plus, video content often gets more weight when it comes to how the social media algorithms display it to viewers.

9. Summer Memories

Another photo contest idea: This one asks your community members to submit their favorite summer memories for a chance to win a prize or giveaway. You’ll be surprised at the incredibly wholesome and lovable content that comes from camping trips, carnivals, and waterparks.

10. Get Kids Involved

Toddlers can be particularly hilarious. Look for creative ways to spruce up topics that can sometimes feel mundane (like applying for grants, conserving energy, and street cleaning schedules) by getting kids involved with your messaging.


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A post shared by Boise Fire Dept. (@boisefire)

Boise Fire Department in Boise, Idaho captures a kid learning the ropes on one of their rigs. 

Save these Dates

Holidays and observances are a great way to align your organization with the community. They can also be tons of fun. Here are some upcoming holidays and observances to be aware of.

  • June 21       First day of summer
  • June 21       National Selfie Day
  • June 23      National Pink Day
  • June 29      National Work from Home Day
  • June 30      World Social Media Day
  • July 4       Independence Day
  • July 7       World Chocolate Day
  • July 23      Parents’ Day
  • July 27      National Intern Day
  • July 30      International Friendship Day
  • August 4      National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • August 7      Purple Heart Day
  • August 14      National Financial Awareness Day
  • August 17      National Nonprofit Day
  • August 20      National Senior Citizens Day
  • August 26       Women’s Equality Day
  • September 4       Labor Day
  • September 6      Read a Book Day
  • September 8      National 401(k) Day
  • September 11      9/11; First Responders Day
  • September 23      First Day of Autumn

Looking for a way to spruce up your socials, but simply don’t have the time? Social Assurance for Government is here to help with technology that makes it especially easy to crowd-source content from out in the field. The real, relatable moments that capture the interest of people and community members and build positive sentiment and goodwill toward the important work you do. That’s what it’s all about!

Interested in learning more about putting this technology to work in a way that saves time and amps up your social presence? Contact us here or email

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