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More Links in Bio: How Governments Can Maximize Instagram’s Latest Rollout

By July 21, 20233 min read

Instagram has officially rolled out a new update that allows accounts to add up to five clickable links to the bio section on their main profile. These links remain stagnant within the bio until they’re updated, allowing users to provide quick (and now ongoing) access to links pertinent to their content, brand, or a specific post. For governments, the new update underscores the importance of having an active and engaging presence on social media channels. In short, more links means more opportunities to engage your community. Here are some specific tips for using links in bio to cross promote government happenings on Instagram.

Add multiple links to your organization’s bio.

Add multiple links to your organization’s bio.

1. Announcements & Press Releases

When there’s news to share, use one of your five links to direct followers to landing pages for pertinent updates, news articles, announcements, and press releases. This helps keep customers and community members informed about current happenings.

2. Grants & Fundraisers

Use Instagram to promote fundraising initiatives and provide a link for followers to donate directly. This might include sponsored events or less formal initiatives like coat drives, food drives, phone-a-thons, golf tournaments, socials, ribbon cuttings, and more.

3. Personnel Spotlights

Governments can use their Instagram bio to highlight individuals and their achievements. This can include profiles, interviews, and other content that showcases what makes your staff unique. Consider short, attention-grabbing pieces for social media, then link your audience back to your website to get the whole story.

4. Project Updates

Ongoing projects (such as climate impact initiatives, roadway construction projects, or wildlife preservation plans) make for great instagram content, especially when these updates come with captivating photos. Use bio links to link back to more in-depth information about these projects.

5. Media Coverage & Public Relations

Positive media coverage and public relations are always great. Be sure todo a post highlighting media coverage when a project, staff member, or situation makes the news; use a link in your bio to send interested readers back to the full news segment or article.

Upgrade your Social Media Presence

Of course, links are just the beginning. The best way to advance your organization’s social media presence is to capture and share content that your community members trust and relate to. Social Assurance helps governments all over the U.S. do exactly that with a unique social media management platform that allows teams large and small to draft, schedule, moderate, submit for approval, and archive content across channels. What’s more, the platform makes it easy to publish directly to social media (Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Interested in learning more about how you can put Social Assurance to work for your office? Contact us directly at or using the link below.

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